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Come Higher
<Verse 1>
There is a road that leads us, from the lowlands of this life.
To gates of pearl, and streets of gold, immortal happy life.
And One has gone before us so we surely know the way.
And with arms outstretched He bids His children higher everyday.

Come higher, My children come higher.
The guide light is moving on.
Come higher, My children come higher.
Every step you take goes deeper in My heart.

<Verse 2>
Rich and poor will find this road to them an open door.
For the richest and the poorest Jesus Christ has gone before.
It's only that it narrows every step a choice is made.
Either drop a treasure or myself fall in the open grave.

Some may choose their treasure, may be houses, may be land,
Or a selfish heart, a cherished sin, grasped tightly in their hand.
What will we give for Jesus? Who's the rival in my heart?
The call comes to surrender or for us the road will part.


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